About us


What to Expect

Our main goal is to glorify God and as we do we will experience God's saving grace. Though we strive

to make each service enjoyable for everyone, our ultimate desire is that God is glorified and receives

our utmost attention. Summerbrook can be a catalyst in helping you to experience the joy in getting

to know your Creator and more importantly, what He has done for you. We strive to create an  

environment of worship where people experience the presence of God. We want to set the table and

create an atmosphere where as many people as possible can meet and experience God.


The Vision

Our vision is brought together in three steps: Connecting with Jesus, Growing in Community,

and Serving with a Purpose. We connect with Jesus through our weekend Services. With a

simple focus on worship and the Bible, you will have a chance to experience the life-changing

love of Jesus. We Grow in community through groups. Real life change happens best through

authentic relationships, and small groups are made just for that. Meeting once a week

throughout the lowcountry, groups are here to provide a place for you to connect and grow

through the many different parts of your life. Lastly, we serve to make a difference.

Through next steps,  you will discover your purpose and where you are called to make a difference for Jesus,

from there we aim to get you plugged into the right serve team for you.


Core Values

Love God, Love People, Serve Wholeheartedly, Enjoy the Journey.